5 Standup Comedians That Will Make You lol.

Standup is my life. I love every part of it. The process of writing it, the struggle to get gigs, sitting at a desk screaming at a piece of paper wailing something along the lines of “BE FUNNY!” aaand so on.

On my t.v. is a constant stream of illicit cartoons, and blue collar comedy. I live like this and I was raised like this. It’s pretty fun! So now ‘imma try writing something up and pop a couple clips on here. Please

So, here are some of my favorite standup comedians!

Richard Pryor king of race and poop jokes weaves a delectable standup wand of magic. Please sit back, relax, and be offended.

Reggie Watts, afro beard wizard of weird. This man is my hero. Here he uses his loop pedal in his new Comedy Central Special “Why S**t So Crazy?”  I find this style of comedy very interesting and  very, very funny.

Dave Chapelle. One of the greatest people of the 21st century. His words are inquisitive, thoughtful, and humorous over all.  Without a doubt Dave Chapelle is a genius, and I am looking forward to his return to comedy.

Here is a clip from Eugene Mirman’s second Comedy Central Special. Eugene is a very interesting comic, instead of aproaching a joke like some comics; 1-2-punchline-add on,  Eugene seems to jump around a joke in story format, and push in add-ons whenever possible and then reach the punchline. He is one of my favorite comedians alive.

Aaaaand finally another personal favorite, the grumpy, hipster-esque, cat man Marc Maron.

-Peace, Love and Laughs S.C.G.


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