Poorly Drawn Lines

Sometimes in the world you find something beautiful and simplistic that speaks to you. To me that thing is the amazing webcomic Poorly Drawn Lines.


According to his website “Reza Farazmand draws comics and writes things”.

Reza is also an undeniably proud horse


The genius comic Poorly Drawn Lines is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I started following this comic about a year ago and I really like it. Simply put it makes me happy, and brings light to my day.

Without a doubt it’s my favorite online webcomic.


The comics have a very simple, aesthetic artistic style, using very light shades and extremely dull colors for the most part. The particular style of humor varies from comic to comic but generally some absurd dry humor is center stage.

Everything looks cute, innocent and like they belong in a children’s book which makes most, if not all, punchlines all the more unexpected.

The daily star says this about Reza’s work: ” The tales range from long to short, from fiction to non-fiction, and from cannibalism to moustaches to swords to nature and to how babies suck. Harmless-looking, talking animals are the subject of many of his comics. As for recurring characters, there are Astronaut Bill and Jacques Cousteau.”

Too true.

-Comment below with your opinion.



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