Beavis And Butthead


I knew this day would come.

Most of you probably already know about the hilarious antics of the worlds two favorite metalheads.

They introduced many people to new music and played kickass songs for people already fans!


These two booty obsessed teens defined a generation through their crude humor and hilarious situations. This show will be remembered for a looooong time, for many reasons; it’s dialogue, the couch during music videos, the flagrant use of the word “butt” and many other things. This show led other shows like South Park into the promised land of animation.

There was a wide variety of unique characters in the show, such as their arrogant and overly strict gym teacher who wants to always get them in trouble, their hippie teacher who always tries to teach them about work, their elderly neighbor Tom Anderson who always has his vacations ruined by Beavis and Butt-head, their younger neighbor Stewart who always tries to hang out with them, and a student in their class named Daria(huh huh, Diarrea). Daria also had her own spin off show that was released during the year this show was canceled.


This show will always remain as one of the defining shows of the generation X. So, uhuhuhu-hehehe. A++