Hello, I am sadclowngiraffe, the creator of this blogaronie I am a stand-up comedian who feels his sole purpose in life is to make the world smile. In this blog I wish to inform you, educate you, and make you laugh all at the same time. It’s gonna be hard.

I’m a sarcastic, anarchastic, bombastic, food loving, hippie life living, homework hating, ent of the western world. I like bagels, blogs, cartoons, candy, weird music, wildlife and high flame explosives. Comedy is my life and most of what you’ll see on this blog.

I am a wizard, gucci messiah, proletariat hat maker, punk rock drag queen and spiritual guru…so… I hope you enjoy.

Peace, Love and Fire S.C.G.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. I think this is the best bloog i have ever known. It’s a kind bloog. Sweet and tasty, in an old fashioned, but unfamiliar kind of way. Like lemonade but made with another fruit….not lemons. Very honest and funny……we love the dumb monqui!!!!

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