Futurama is an American adult animated science fiction sitcom made by Matt Groening and developed by  David X. Cohen for Fox. futurama-saturday-morning-fun-pit

I loved Futurama when it was TV and I always find myself watching it on my DVD player ( I have all 4 series ). I think the thing that carries it above other cartoons ( and it’s not like I don’t like the Simpsons or Family Guy ) is the wonderful mix of characters. Dimwitted Phillip J. Fry, who has trouble constructing a coherent sentence and whenever he attempts to say something profound it invariably ends up flying back in his face.


Turanga Leela, a outcast amongst outcasts, who when not brushing off Fry is captaining the ship between planets while wondering about her own origins.


Bender, a wisecracking, gambling chain-smoking robot that is on the crew of the ship for no apparent reason apart from bumming around. Dr Zoidberg, a penniless joke of a medical practionioner that has no friends and seems to ignite hostility for just being him.


Hermes Conrad, a Rastafarian bureaucrat who when not limboing for his nation is filing and shredding with an obsessive fever. Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth, whose wonderous inventions are perhaps only eclipsed by his seemingly growing amorality towards almost all living things. Amy Wong, the daughter of the rich Wong family and as such finds herself slightly naive about things that are deeper than hair gel and nail polish. Add to this the military hijinks of Zapp Brannigan and his long-suffering lieutenant Kif Croker as well as thespian robot Calculon, Warlord alien Lur and President Nixon as well as others and I think you have a group of characters that all have their own quirks and flaws to add to a very funny show.


Beavis And Butthead


I knew this day would come.

Most of you probably already know about the hilarious antics of the worlds two favorite metalheads.

They introduced many people to new music and played kickass songs for people already fans!


These two booty obsessed teens defined a generation through their crude humor and hilarious situations. This show will be remembered for a looooong time, for many reasons; it’s dialogue, the couch during music videos, the flagrant use of the word “butt” and many other things. This show led other shows like South Park into the promised land of animation.

There was a wide variety of unique characters in the show, such as their arrogant and overly strict gym teacher who wants to always get them in trouble, their hippie teacher who always tries to teach them about work, their elderly neighbor Tom Anderson who always has his vacations ruined by Beavis and Butt-head, their younger neighbor Stewart who always tries to hang out with them, and a student in their class named Daria(huh huh, Diarrea). Daria also had her own spin off show that was released during the year this show was canceled.


This show will always remain as one of the defining shows of the generation X. So, uhuhuhu-hehehe. A++



It’s dark, its funny, and its name is Moonbeard


This is an internet-comic (a comic that is on the internet).

It is updated once every harvest moon. Or, after an especially bountiful harvest, weekly. Maybe Thursday.

James Squires is the creator and he lives in Wellington, New Zealand and he draws pictures and puts them on the internet.



The mostly black and white and sometimes red, blue or green comic appeals to me in a very strange way. The depth of some comics is also very surprising. Perhaps this is because I’m just lookin to be amused with an interesting comic and not to be knowledge blasted.


This comic is unlike many i have viewed. It’s original, got a tiny cultish following, and the cute drawings are just plain awesome. The innocence of the illustrations sets up a background that the dialogue and imagery usually completely destroy by the time the punchline hits.

The comic is visually similar to Cyanide and Happiness in that the illustrations are adorable and the humor is very similar, both using absurdist comedy and unexpectedness.



Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Some of my readers seemed to like the last online comic review I did, so I thought I’d do another one; shove this in your knowledge hole!


All human beings at one point in time have been fascinated by the idea of a utopian society whose inhabitants have not yet discovered pants. S.M.B.C. has the answer to this question and many many more!


The escapist says this about smbc: “ It is a humor webcomic, based around random, unconnected jokes. It generally covers mature topics, but can range into science and nerd humor. As an added bonus, they have a side video started in the same vein as Cyanide and Happiness’ occasional videos (although these are made IRL).”



“Most of SMBC’s humor is set up as classic misdirection, showing a picture or 2 that seem obvious or normal, then there’s an added caption that completely changes the context to something strange. That said, the webcomic also uses the traditional sequential panel style to make jokes. Shock humor also makes a few appearances, many times combining with the misdirection. On the other hand, random humor is largely absent from the comic, but considering everyone’s stance on it that might be points in SMBC’s favor.

When considering topics, SMBC prefers to use adult humor in the majority of comics. This can be sex related or parody relationships themselves. There are also quite a few other topics, however. Science is a major topic parodied in it, mostly the culture surrounding it rather than the concepts themselves. This has the bonus of being easily understood by people that aren’t as into the subject. Other topics include (but are not limited to): aliens, drugs/drinking, and exploiting the classic target of nerds.”



Poorly Drawn Lines

Sometimes in the world you find something beautiful and simplistic that speaks to you. To me that thing is the amazing webcomic Poorly Drawn Lines.


According to his website “Reza Farazmand draws comics and writes things”.

Reza is also an undeniably proud horse


The genius comic Poorly Drawn Lines is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I started following this comic about a year ago and I really like it. Simply put it makes me happy, and brings light to my day.

Without a doubt it’s my favorite online webcomic.


The comics have a very simple, aesthetic artistic style, using very light shades and extremely dull colors for the most part. The particular style of humor varies from comic to comic but generally some absurd dry humor is center stage.

Everything looks cute, innocent and like they belong in a children’s book which makes most, if not all, punchlines all the more unexpected.

The daily star says this about Reza’s work: ” The tales range from long to short, from fiction to non-fiction, and from cannibalism to moustaches to swords to nature and to how babies suck. Harmless-looking, talking animals are the subject of many of his comics. As for recurring characters, there are Astronaut Bill and Jacques Cousteau.”

Too true.

-Comment below with your opinion.


Transcendence is the driver of intuition.

You and I are dreamweavers of the dreamscape. Nothing is impossible.

How should you navigate this joyous grid?

The dreamscape is calling to you via superpositions of possibilities. Can you hear it? Have you found your myth? Although you may not realize it, you are sacred.

The future will be a powerful unfolding of growth. We are being called to explore the solar system itself as an interface between balance and coherence. We must learn how to lead transformative lives in the face of delusion.

Today, science tells us that the essence of nature is balance. The stratosphere is overflowing with ultrasonic energy. To traverse the path is to become one with it.

We are in the midst of a high-frequency ennobling of fulfillment that will remove the barriers to the solar system itself.

If you have never experienced this spark of unfathomable proportions, it can be difficult to vibrate. Prophet, look within and inspire yourself. It can be difficult to know where to begin.

Consciousness consists of supercharged waveforms of quantum energy. “Quantum” means a redefining of the ancient. We exist as sub-atomic particles. By unfolding, we live.



p.s. I hate new wave garbage, don’t you?

Standup Pictures!


So… Friday night I did a standup gig with a group of my friends and it was pretty alright! Up there is me and my friend Coby.


1506040_840487412632509_5654938969278732570_n I sat down at one point, but I don’t look like I’m very uncomfortably pooping for the whole time.


10155074_10202664132579346_2440111237741001738_n I stood too.

But, yeah I had fun. I always have fun going up. It’s just a thing that I do now.

So blogging about these pictures of me is kind of a hard thing to do because I feel like I’m being forced to do it, and creativity, love, and passion are hard to squeeze out when under pressure.

The remaining words will be a semi-related vent/rant.
High school is ripe with drama and angst never left. The average life of a student you don’t know or unfavored teachers life feels comparative to that of a mosquito. Not that you can swat them away easily, it’s just that they’re there and you know the blood is being sucked out of you. I’m in a rough spot right now. Maybe they can tell that though. Circles under my eyes get bigger every day, my jokes seem to be getting less and less funny while drifting toward dark thoughts and morbid parallels of reality. I’m out of my groove. The moon has left my life, but not before slapping me twice. A new rainbow mind has been delicately tip-toeing toward me, this is not without the tease of chase or the thrill of the hunt. But I hope in the future things will be better.