It’s dark, its funny, and its name is Moonbeard


This is an internet-comic (a comic that is on the internet).

It is updated once every harvest moon. Or, after an especially bountiful harvest, weekly. Maybe Thursday.

James Squires is the creator and he lives in Wellington, New Zealand and he draws pictures and puts them on the internet.



The mostly black and white and sometimes red, blue or green comic appeals to me in a very strange way. The depth of some comics is also very surprising. Perhaps this is because I’m just lookin to be amused with an interesting comic and not to be knowledge blasted.


This comic is unlike many i have viewed. It’s original, got a tiny cultish following, and the cute drawings are just plain awesome. The innocence of the illustrations sets up a background that the dialogue and imagery usually completely destroy by the time the punchline hits.

The comic is visually similar to Cyanide and Happiness in that the illustrations are adorable and the humor is very similar, both using absurdist comedy and unexpectedness.




Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

Some of my readers seemed to like the last online comic review I did, so I thought I’d do another one; shove this in your knowledge hole!


All human beings at one point in time have been fascinated by the idea of a utopian society whose inhabitants have not yet discovered pants. S.M.B.C. has the answer to this question and many many more!


The escapist says this about smbc: “ It is a humor webcomic, based around random, unconnected jokes. It generally covers mature topics, but can range into science and nerd humor. As an added bonus, they have a side video started in the same vein as Cyanide and Happiness’ occasional videos (although these are made IRL).”



“Most of SMBC’s humor is set up as classic misdirection, showing a picture or 2 that seem obvious or normal, then there’s an added caption that completely changes the context to something strange. That said, the webcomic also uses the traditional sequential panel style to make jokes. Shock humor also makes a few appearances, many times combining with the misdirection. On the other hand, random humor is largely absent from the comic, but considering everyone’s stance on it that might be points in SMBC’s favor.

When considering topics, SMBC prefers to use adult humor in the majority of comics. This can be sex related or parody relationships themselves. There are also quite a few other topics, however. Science is a major topic parodied in it, mostly the culture surrounding it rather than the concepts themselves. This has the bonus of being easily understood by people that aren’t as into the subject. Other topics include (but are not limited to): aliens, drugs/drinking, and exploiting the classic target of nerds.”



Poorly Drawn Lines

Sometimes in the world you find something beautiful and simplistic that speaks to you. To me that thing is the amazing webcomic Poorly Drawn Lines.


According to his website “Reza Farazmand draws comics and writes things”.

Reza is also an undeniably proud horse


The genius comic Poorly Drawn Lines is updated every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

I started following this comic about a year ago and I really like it. Simply put it makes me happy, and brings light to my day.

Without a doubt it’s my favorite online webcomic.


The comics have a very simple, aesthetic artistic style, using very light shades and extremely dull colors for the most part. The particular style of humor varies from comic to comic but generally some absurd dry humor is center stage.

Everything looks cute, innocent and like they belong in a children’s book which makes most, if not all, punchlines all the more unexpected.

The daily star says this about Reza’s work: ” The tales range from long to short, from fiction to non-fiction, and from cannibalism to moustaches to swords to nature and to how babies suck. Harmless-looking, talking animals are the subject of many of his comics. As for recurring characters, there are Astronaut Bill and Jacques Cousteau.”

Too true.

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tom-and-jerryTom and Jerry have fed our collective sadomasochistic desired for generations.

All of us have at one point wanted to drop an anvil on someones head, or squish them through a spoogetti roller. Whatever the voices in your head tell you to do most of it can be seen on Tom and Jerry.

Tom and Jerry is a series of theatrical animated cartoon films created by William Hanna and Joseph Barbera for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, centering on a never-ending rivalry between a cat (Tom) and a mouse (Jerry) whose chases and battles often involved comic violence (despite this they sometimes become allies to defeat a ‘greater enemy’ such as Spike the dog).

tom-and-jerry-002-01It’s  an old show that has gone on for a long time, and continued to make us smile for years. The plots are when Tom ( a cat) chases Jerry ( a mouse). The plot isn’t repetative and never gets old. This show has an enormity of clever ideas for Jerry to beat up Tom and always win. I give it 1,000, out of 10!

Tom-And-Jerry-tom-and-jerry-11065134-705-412Although the new series seems stale and played out I wish they never ended the original series. I have to admit I cried when it ended. I grew up with the show. Even my parents remember growing up with it. It was the rare type of funny violence that somehow kids knew not to do. Over or not, they will always have a place in my heart.

3 Mel Brooks films you need to see now!

Mel Brooks is the absolute king of parody film. His work is know around the world, and has been the set example for all funny films in the modern world. He has made probably most of my favorite films, and some of the best movies ever. Here are some of my reviews of his films, and other stuff.

The Twelve Chairs is me and my families favorite comedy. As a Russian I love alot of this humor, and a bit is overlooked by people without a sharp mind. But I think everyone should watch it.

In 1920s Soviet Russia a fallen aristocrat Vorobyaninov  and the town priest find that Vorobyaninovs mother had just before their palace was invaded during the revolution  she had hidden an enormous amount of jewels in their families dining room chairs. Soon enough  Vorobyaninov is on the hunt for the chairs. He eventually picks up a con artist and together they search for a treasure of jewels hidden inside one of twelve dining chairs, lost during the revolution.

Young Frankenstein is one of the funniest movies in black and white, with sound. Anyone that has seen it probably knows that this film is a bevy of quotes, and easily repeatable jokes. Although this film is old the humor is funny to all people, and I think everyone should see this just because you will know what true funny is. To anyone who’s seen this film check out these bloopers.

Blazing Saddles is on the same par as Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks directed the amazing film, centered around modern issues such as corruption, racism and fart Jokes. Check it out.

Check Out These Awesome Cartoons!

First off only a few of these animations which are all hilarious, should probably not be watched with children. The wonderful world of animation is worldwide so for those who don’t fear subtitles enjoy this!

WARNING: This film is rated R and I was told not to post the trailer here (Cartoon Boobs)

El Santos vs. La Tetona Mendoza is a 2012 animated action-comedy film, based on the comic by José Ignacio Solórzano and Trino Camacho. It is absolutely for adults only. The film was released in theaters on November 30, 2012, but is no available to view on Netflix. This side splitting Mexican animation is a story of love, violence, boobs, and zombies. The animation is very interesting, in that it encompasses many styles and formats of drawing, form, and shape.

Le Chat du Rabbin or The Rabbi’s Cat is a 2011 French animated film directed by Joann Sfar and Antoine Delesvauxset (say that 3 times fast). The animation takes place in Algeria in the 1920s, a social hotbed of racism, hate, and persecution. In it a rabbi’s cat learns how to speak after swallowing the family parrot, at first the rabbi believes the cat is a demon, this is soon put to rest and eventually the cat expresses his desire to convert to Judaism. There are many funny moments in this film, but nose so much as when the cat begins to criticize religion, and debate the rabbi at his own game. This film is also available on netflix, as well as on YouTube.

Wizards the ultimate futuristic fantasy epic. This is a 1977 American animated post-apocalyptic science fantasy film which takes place after the Earth has been burned and radiated by a massive nuclear explosion, this causes humans to become deformed mutants. After the radioactive waste calms faeries, elves, dwarvs and all sorts of other creature return to the Earth.  The main idea of the film is the battle between two wizards who are brothers, one  of them representing the forces of magic and  the other one representing the forces of industrial technology. This film uses traditional animation, rhotoscope and live action documentary footage of WWII. This one is definitely worth checking out, the whole thing is available on YouTube. All in all Wizards is pretty great.

Peace, Majick and Jokes S.C.G.
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8 funny songs to make you laugh

Musical Comedy gets alot of hate, and I don’t believe that it deserves it. There are plenty of examples of funny songs, funny musicians, and funny other…stuff. But bedsides that here are just a few examples of hilarious songs and musical comedians that definitely don’t deserve as much hate as others give them. So here, shove this in your ear-hole. Flight of the Concords, is my absolute favorite musical comedy duo. I challenge anybody to find two musically inclined comedians from New Zealand funnier than these two guys. (Not including Filli & Killi) Tenacious D is the hardest rocking comedy band that have ever graced my ears. They pump out a funny, and lyrically “intelligent” songs that cover a wide range of topics, such as the greatest song in the world, but they forgot how it went. As well as stuff like roadies. To the fans of death metal there is almost no funnier band with their own t.v. show better than Dethklok. Garfunkel and Oats, best female comedy duo ever. Period. Weird Al Yankovic is the absolute king of musical parody comedy. I know some of his songs better than the originals. I don’t know if that’s sad or not, but check out all his stuff, it great. The Lonely Island is the new age funny band featuring the absolutely hilarious Andy Samberg from S.N.L. Together this trio (and sometimes Justin Timberlake) these guys make fun of modern society by showing us all how stupid how things really are (such as YOLO) and the hilarious reality behind them. Stephen Lynch is a great musical comedian who bases his songs off of imaginary situation and his own life, If I were you I’d check out more of his stuff.

peace, laughs, and eyeball soup S.C.G.

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